Ajax HomeSiren Black (8681)

Wireless indoor siren

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An audio alarm system with a customizable sound level between 81 and 105 dB and external LED connector. Maintains a connection to Ajax Hub at a distance of up to 2,000 meters in open space.

Device type:Wireless
Alarm type:Sound
External LED connector:Yes
Sound alarm volume:Adjustable, 81-105 dB at the distance of 1 m
Working frequency of piezo buzzer:3.5±0.5 kHz
Arm/disarm/armed state indication:Yes
Power supply:From on-board batteries
Battery type:2 CR123A batteries, 3 V
Battery indicator:Yes
Battery life:Up to 5 years
Standby current:70 µA (when polling every 36 seconds)
Tamper protection:Available
Radio signal power:25 mW
Communication protocol:Jeweller (868.0-868.6 MHz)
Maximum distance between detector and central unit:Up to 2,000 m (6,552 ft) (in open area)
Polling interval:12-300 sec (adjustable)
Alarm triggering time:Less than a second
Customizable alarm duration:Between 3 sec and 3 min
Ingress protection:IP50
Working temperature range:From 0°С (+32°F) to +50°С (+122°F)
Operating humidity:Up to 75%
Dimensions:75х75,6х26,6 mm (2.95×2.98×1.02 in)
Weight:96 g