PoE Tester UTP3-PFD01

Identification of Mid-Span (4/5 7/8) and End-Span (1/2 3/6). Detectable IEEE802.3 af / at PoE standard and passive PoE. The detector includes a male and female interface for direct detection of PoE interfaces. Overvoltage protection 63V, reliable products.

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• Power Supply: Passive
• Input Power: DC 24V-60V
• Ethernet Port: 1×RJ45 Female Port, 1×RJ45 Male Port
• PoE Standard IEEE802.3af/at and Passive PoE
• Pairs Testing: 1/2 3/6 4/5/7/8
• Max Votage Pressure: DC 63V
• LED Indication:
Yellow Light for PoE End-Span
Green Light for Light PoE Mid-Span
Brilliant is Standard PoE
Flash is Passive PoE