WISI OC 04 D Universal feed system, Quattro

The OC 04 D is a universal supply system which provides the signals of the individual reception area with more than 4 connections. The range is defined for multiswitch, unicable and treatment systems. This supply system is able to receive all common satellites in KU band, for example Astra 19.2 East or on 13° East. Low inherent noise, as well as optimal linearity at a high output level, guarantees a stable signal supply for the receiver. The housing saves the sensitive electronics from bad weather conditions, and with the additional cover, all cable connections are also protected.

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პროდუქტის აღწერა

• Subscriber pcs. Depending on the multiswitch
• Input frequency 10,70…11,70/11,70…12,75 GHz (Low-Band/High-Band)
• Oscillator frequency 9,75/10,6 GHz (Low-Band/High-Band)
• Output frequency range 950…2150 MHz
• Connectors F-female 4 pcs.
• LNB supply voltage 11…21 V
• Power consumption max. 200 mA
• Color Light grey (RAL 7035)
• Feed diameter 40 mm
• Operating temperature range -30…+60 °C