WISI Tangram GT42W Universal decryption module

The GT 42 module is part of the Tangram product
portfolio. The GT 42 W CI module is designed as
descrambler to be optionally combined with other
Tangram modules.
All Common Interfaces can be cascaded to reduce costs
by using standard CAMs.
Tangram is a very high density and highly flexible
solution for all kinds of networks. The WISI Tangram
chassis uses a fully redundant concept (n+1, 1+1).

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პროდუქტის აღწერა

• 4 Common Interface ( DVB-CI ) slots per module
• CAM watchdog – auto reset on descrambling failures
• Support for all major CA systems and CAMs
• Advanced DVB transport stream processing
• SPTS and MPTS streaming ( CBR or VBR )
• Demultiplexing MPEG-2 / 4 signals for SPTS transmission
• High density descrambling 24 CA modules per 1 RU chassis
• FEC output support – IP error protection
• Additional Service – 8-х DVB-T2 descrambler, 16-х DVB-T2 descrambler,
24-х DVB-T2 descrambler, 32-х DVB-T2 descrambler,