The new development WISI OM 10 – compact head TV station (head-end), which allows you to run the network 6 satellite transponders (frequencies), transforming them from a standard DVB-S (S2) to 6 transponders DVB-T standard (and in the future in DVB-C).

It is also possible to install 4 CAM module in Ci interfaces. Optionally, you can multiplex channels from different input DVB-S (S2) of the transponders on one Ci interface, it allows a conditional access card to open multiple channels (NTV + up to 16 channels with a Conditional Access card). It is possible to broadcast video content to the network via the USB port, it is very easy to implement advertising of goods and services – a great opportunity to earn extra money.

Perfect solution for small hotels, cottages, office buildings and small cable operators.

Main functions:

  1. Transmodulator of 6 DVB-S/S2 transponders to 6 DVB-T packages.
  2. The integrated 4 in 6 switch matrix reduces the installation effort and DiSEqC 1.0 is increasing the flexibility by controlling up to 4 satellites.
  3. 4 CI slots for central decryption.
  4. PID remapping allows setting of static service PIDs at the output. It is no longer necessary for the TV set to make a scan if there is any transponder modification at the input (Q3 / 16).
  5. LCN / NIT processing – opportunity to ask a through logical channel numbering / NIT table editor (the ability prescribe the network parameters).
  6. Multiplex functionality at the input and output.
  7. USB – interface to feed in any video content (Q3 / 16).
  8. Programming via web interface.
  9. Integrated DHCP server enables an automatic connection to a PC.
  10. Programming via Bluetooth (Q3 / 16) from Smartphone and tablet.