Company Romsat Georgia has become the official distributor of the software for NomerOK.

NomerOK- functional software for recognition of automobile numbers. NomerOK controls the flow of vehicles on the territory and takes into account the number of cars and their presence on the territory, generates reports based on different filters, and automatically operates actuating devices.

NomerOk-PSNomerOK recognizes all types of number plates for the CIS countries and the European Union.

For sale are available 1-, 2- and 4-channel software license.

With a high percentage of recognition (more than 95%) and rich functionality, the price of the software will pleasantly surprise you. Price for one channel recognition $ 300.

NomerOK – comfortable, simple and affordable software product that can be integrated into any third-party systems through an API NomerOK.

NomerOK – is an innovative product with new technology number plate recognition.
The wide functionality of the system allows users to get only the necessary information to configure the work “for themselves” and to carry out all the necessary tasks.

The video source devices

  • Any IP – cameras which work with RTSP stream
  • Any analog recorders, which work with RTSP stream

Recognition of automobile numbers system can be successfully used in service stations, car washes, fuel stations (the client could not leave without paying for services), and in the garage complexes and parking lots with limited access, where needs control of stranger cars.

Get introduced with that system and test it, you can in our office.

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