Rohde & Schwarz is expanding its line of digital oscilloscopes R & S RTE series.

R & S RTE will fill a niche between middle class universal oscilloscopes and high-speed RTOmodels. RTE series lineup will include eight models with bandwidths of 200, 350, 500 MHz and 1 GHz.

Features of RTE series:

  • Sampling 5 Gsample/s;
  • Memory Depth 10 million points per channel (optionally up to 50 million pixels);
  • Speed signal analysis up to 1 million waveforms/s and accurate digital trigger system.

R & S RTE uses the hardware components of R & S RTO. Based on the same platform as the GUI, using the touch screen. All this thing make R & S RTE very easy to use.

In combination with a wide range of applications (and settings serial bus analysis of mixed-signal MSO, analysis of current sources, FFT, establishing EMC) R & S RTE solves all problems quickly, accurately and easily. Perfect tool for you.