State Scientific Research Institute for Laboratory Diagnosis and Veterinary-Sanitary Inspection

  • 2014

  • Ukraine, Kiev

  • CCTV and access control

Project description

Installation of an access control system (ACS) and video surveillance.

Built on the object access control system allows to regulate the passage on the territory (on central clock-houses turnstiles are set with the special protection from stainless steel) as well as in a variety of controlled areas / rooms of the building of the institute (30 access points are equipped with locks and Power readers of contactless cards).

The programmatic complex installed within the framework of this system with the module of verification allows guards to collate the face of man, passing through the control point of access, with his picture from a database, that eliminates penetration on territory of institute of persons, using «stranger» identification maps.

Technical defense of this object is also complemented the system of guard video supervision, built on IP video cameras of high-res and server of storage of video archives, that in a complex with the system of SKD considerably promoted strength of institute security.