• 2014, 2015

  • Georgia, Batumi

  • Video surveillance system, IT infrastructure, telephony, Wi-Fi

Project description


Modernization of existing IT infrastructure and surveillance system at Monte Carlo Hotel and Old Boulevard restaurant.

Creation of a single switching center, server infrastructure and the organization of the uninterruptible power supply. Modernization of the existing network and video surveillance systems.


Construction of Wi-Fi network based on the Cisco Mobility Express Aironet.

The projects have been realized all the benefits of the latest technology offered by Cisco:

  • if the user have two points in view, it switches to the Wi-Fi point which is less loaded at the moment (Load Balancing);
  • recommends for users which devices support the 5GHz or switch to that range (Client Bandselect);
  • automatic changing channel when necessary, if at least one of the channels is loaded, then the point changed at it (Auto Dynamic Channel Assignment);
  • automatic increase the power for compensating faint signal level in the identification of radio module at the client (Auto Coverage Hole Detection);
  • determination of the noise (not WiFi) in the range of the point when necessary change the channel (Clean Air);

and, of course, such basic things as:

  • 4 and 5 GHz;
  • Multiple SSID-s.