Gudauri Casino

  • 2018

  • Georgia, Gudauri

  • Local Area Network, Wi-Fi, Video surveillance system, Telephony, Background sound system, Fire alarm system, Uninterruptible Power System

Description of project

The project in the first casino in Gudauri was completed.

Under the project the following systems were designed, installed and put into operation:

  • Local Area Network
  • Wi-Fi
  • Video surveillance system
  • Telephony
  • Background sound system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Uninterruptible Power System

The local computer network is organized on the basis of EdgeCore managed switches.

Access to the Internet for casino visitors is provided by a wireless data transmission system based on Edge-Core equipment.

The video surveillance system is based on IP equipments of Dahua and UNV – 49 IP cameras and 2 NVR.

The telephone network is built on the basis of Panasonic’s IP PBX.

The system of background sounding is based on the BOSE equipment.

The fire alarm system is from the French company SD3.

The system of uninterrupted power supply of active equipment of all systems is built on the basis of AEG UPS.