Two new solutions from Kramer Electronics for collaboration within the concept of BYOD – VIA Collage and VIA Connect Pro.

VIA Collage and VIA Connect PRO is intended for all commercial or state-owned enterprises and institutions, where you need to hold presentations with collaboration. Flexible connection and easy to use allows you to work with VIA with any user of a PC or mobile device.

1. Connect

Select a network and launch VIA

2. Click

Enter room name & code, log in and join the meeting

3. Collaborate

Step in to present your content


VIA Collage


The new product VIA Collage representative by Kramer Electronics is a device for the collaboration of several users with content and data based on the wired or wireless connection.

The main advantage of VIA Collage is ease of use for end users. To start work you need to download and install on your device (PC Windows or MacOS, tablet or smartphone with iOS or Android) special application after enter the registration information, and then pressing the button to join together to the work.

Information for collaboration displayed on one general display – the main screen. On that screen in a same time can display up to six screens of participants (and the use of two main screens – screens of up to 12 members). Users which connected to VIA Collage can see the main screen on your computer or tablet, which is very convenient, especially when the work is going in a large hall.

Users can work with the main screen which give the opportunity to send the text messages, files to each other or directly to all participants through a cloud service or directly from device to device. Products VIA series supports up to 255 simultaneous users. Thus to VIA Collage through HDMI-port, you can connect the codec video conferencing camera or media player and display an image from it to the full screen mode or in a “picture-in-picture.”


Brochure Kramer VIA
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As for the data from user devices that, for example, videos are displayed on a common screen (full screen or PIP-mode) with resolutions up to Full HD at 60 frames per second. VIA Collage allows you to install and run any additional applications (office applications, web browsers, messaging etc.) and a transfer of the management of these applications to the user.

In practice it work with all types of documents and applications (on the main device but not on the client device), ease of upgrade, and development of the product and investment protection.

At the present time the connecting to VIA Collage can only users who are on the same LAN, but the platform is open to development and opportunities for connecting through the Internet will be added in the future. At present possible working with VIA Collage, through Skype, Lync, Cisco WebEx, Viber etc

VIA Connect PRO


In addition to device VIA Collage offers a “lightweight” model of VIA Connect PRO, optimized for small meeting rooms. It supports in the same time up to 255 connection with people, bringing to 4 screens of participants to one common display, and does not able external the data sources through HDMI, launching of applications and image output from the main screen displays on the user devices.