ROMSAT Georgia company announces sales of production of trade mark «DIGITUS Professional» of German company ASSMANN ElectronicGmbH.

German company ASSMANN ElectronicGmbH was founded in 1969 as manufacturer of connectors and adaptors for various electrical and computer cables. Since then the assortment of the company has steadily expanded and enhanced.

Currently the company offers a wide range of ready complex solutions for the construction of the data centre, structured cabling, PoE and video control. Product line of «DIGITUS Professional» includes professional active and passive network equipment, cables and connectors, as well as accessories and peripherals for various IT tools corporate and end-users. DIGITUS products are known on the markets of many countries from 1994 as the best in the category “Correspondence of the price and the quality”.

Production in the company is certified according to the standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001:1996. The product quality reliability is also confirmed by the certificates UL, ETL, IEEE, VDE, TUV, ISO, IEC, CE and is guaranteed by quality control not only “on release” of ready products but also “on receipt” at the level of the component base.

Catalog ASSMANN Network Technology

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Karola Bode — managing director of the German company ASSMANN ElectronicGmbH, to the question what secrets lie at the heart of the business strategy of the company, said:

The company started out as a production company and continues it until now.
All our secrets – a deep knowledge of manufacturing processes and high quality of industrial design products, and, of course, in constant strict quality control, both at the receipt – at the component level and the release of finished products.
For example, I can bring an interesting fact. Not everyone knows, but there is a very strict standard selection of quality products under number MIL­STD­1916. Previously, it was considered a military standard, since he was used for testing products in military industry. It implies a very careful selection and testing of products at very many respects with the mandatory “live” photo-component scheme, labels, packaging, serial numbers, as well as “live” readings when measuring operation of the product, and two dozens of other indicators. Thus, under this standard report typically takes the form of 6 to 10 pages.
It is because we are doing this QC, we provide quality guarantee for 5 and 15 years, depending on the type of product. You will agree that there are not so many vendors doing it, and we still use this standard in our industry.

Products brand «DIGITUS Professional» on the company’s website ROMSAT Georgia – link.