Cable television equipment

  • FORO SMA 175D (30)

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    SKU: 240176

    Remote power Coaxial network amplifier

  • RCI OA3120-SA-NS

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    SKU: 560360

    Optical signal amplifier 1550 nm standard

  • RCI OT3124S-SA-ND

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    SKU: 260356

    Optical signal transmitter 1310 nm standard

  • Telmor Building Amplifier WMX 822M

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    SKU: 240603

    The WMX-x22 series amplifiers have been designed, considering the requirements of CATV operators looking for a good quality of transmitted signal at a reasonable cost of investment. The availability of two output level versions enable to use the amplifier in house networks of various sizes. In addition, the possibility of local or remote power supply of the amplifier ensures wide range of its applications. Adjustment of RF parameters, depending on type of WMX amplifier, is being done by built-in potentiometers or plug-in modules. Because of that, the number of configuration elements there has been reduced to minimum.

    The WMX-x22 broadband amplifiers are designed only for indoor installation.

  • Telmor Distridution Amplifier WHX 923 MZ5

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    SKU: GE0000723

    The WHX-823 and WHX-923 amplifiers have been designed for professional multimedia CATV networks which make an intensive use of the return path transmission, especially those with an HFC architecture. In such networks, WHX amplifiers perform the function of final amplifiers. The flexibility of WHX amplifier applications arises from the fact that they are manufactured in numerous versions differing in the return path bandwidth, power supply type (local or remote) and output connectors type: F, PG 11 and 5/8″.

  • Telmor FTTH Micro Receiver MOB‐100

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    SKU: 560823

    Build in AGC
    Push-Pull Technology
    High RF output – 80dBuV
    Optical input power LED
    Low power consumption >1W

  • Telmor Jumper JMP/1

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    SKU: 560818

    For inclusion 1 RF output

  • Telmor Jumper JXP-XX

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    SKU: 560890

    For attenuation signal level

  • Telmor Local control module C-729

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    SKU: 560809

    For local configuration and monitoring of all parameters optical receiver

  • Telmor Optical Receiver MOB‐729/1

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    SKU: 560882

    Modular design
    Measurement of the RF output signal
    GaAs Power Doubler technology
    Local power supply (180-253V AC)