• ALPHA 4/8/12

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    SKU: GE0000712

    Conventional fire detection control panel
    • From 4 to 12 detection zones / from 1 to 2 extinguishing zones
    • Standard en54-2 / en54-4 (extinguishing: EN 12094-1)

  • Call point DMCL05

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    SKU: GE0000710

    Conventional call point
    Certified EN54-11, CE according to CPD

  • DMA05

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    SKU: GE0000302

    Addressable manual call point Resettable with integrated isolator, CE certified, Conform with the standards EN54-11, EN54-17, EN54-18

  • Heat detector TRC05

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    SKU: GE0000709

    Conventional heat detector
    TRC05 is classified A1R according to EN54-5 standard

  • HEPHAIS 128

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    SKU: GE0000294

    Interactive fire control panel
    • Maximum 128 addresses
    • EN54-2, EN54-4
    • CE Certified according to CPD

  • HEPHAIS 1600- 400 COMFORT/S

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    SKU: GE0000293

    Interactive fire detection control panel with TFT color graphic display
    • Maximum 1600 addresses on 16 loops
    • Networkable up to 16 panels
    • TFT color graphic display
    • EN54-2, EN54-4, EN54-13
    • CE Certified according to CPD

  • MA05

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    SKU: GE0000299

    Interactive optical / heat detector
    • Standard EN54-7 Ed2000
    • Security addressing
    • CE certified according to CPD

  • MG2B

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    SKU: GE0000298

    Extension Module 2 Loops

  • MINIBT05

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    SKU: GE0000296

    Portable tool for addressable detectors and devices
    • Programming
    • Test
    • Maintenance

  • R7P2

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    SKU: GE0000297

    7 Ways Relay Card

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