Telmor Distridution Amplifier WHX 923 MZ5

The WHX-823 and WHX-923 amplifiers have been designed for professional multimedia CATV networks which make an intensive use of the return path transmission, especially those with an HFC architecture. In such networks, WHX amplifiers perform the function of final amplifiers. The flexibility of WHX amplifier applications arises from the fact that they are manufactured in numerous versions differing in the return path bandwidth, power supply type (local or remote) and output connectors type: F, PG 11 and 5/8″.

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• specially designed for multi-media CATV networks
• output stage amplifier is based on GaAs hybrid circuit
• high output level: 123dBuV
• easy configuration – adjustable (WHX-823) or universal JXP plug-in modules (WHX-923)
• switchable return path: passive/off/active
• local or remote power supply
• two external test point,
• all hermetic and compact housing.