Fiber Optic Splice Box, Sliding, 1U (DN-96200)

FO splice box, 1U, 483 mm (19″), empty without front panel, incl. M20/M25 screws, grey color grey (RAL 7035)

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The robust basic housing is the basic for the assembling of your individual splice boxes. Next of the already existing Splice Boxes from DIGITUS®, you have the possibility to assemble the components by yourself. Additionally we offer an extensive assortment of front panels, couplers and pigtails, which you need to complete your splice boxes. Our products have an continuous quality control and are according to the valued international standards and norms in the fiber optic cabling. With it we guarantee the best performance and quality for your network.

Technical Details
– Unassembled, without front panel
– Inner dimension approx (HxWxD): 44x428x240 mm
– Punched out base chassis to fix pigtails
– Dimensions (HxWxD): 44 mm, 483 mm, 280 mm