EWS4502 is a Wireless Access Controller, featuring 2 x GE ports with default 10 AP licenses. One controller can manage up to 500 units access point, with up to 4 access controllers in one clustering, with total 2000 access point in total.

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Product Description

• 2 ports 1000Base-TX
• Up to 500 AP per controller
• 5Ghz Wi-Fi Backhaul
• Auto connection (Zero-configuration) – Automatically configuration by AP itself when start up
• Multiple WDS link hop
• CAPWAP over WDS – Control and provisioning of wireless access points, now available over WDS. Combining the standard provision protocol (CAPWAP) and flexible WDS backhaul connection
• Dual radio 2.4GHz/5GHz services
• EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA – To support 3G offload, ECW5110-L provide EAP-SIM (GSM) and EAP-AKA (UMTS) pass-through features
• Captive portal – All mobile device with Web browser can be authenticated by AP/AC and zero foot-print and clientside installation before join to WLAN
• Hotspot 2.0 compatible
• Accounting – Access points provides classic Radius attributor and customization per customer’s request is available in the design