SP-651 Lightning Protector

The SP-65X Lightning Protector protects the wireless equipment from being damaged by electrical surges and power spikes usually generated in situation of understorms. It is designed to operate from DC up to 6 GHz with low insertion loss that can provide protection for outdoor equipment without compromising the system performance. The N-type connector design makes it easily being placed between the N type connector and other N cables.

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Product Description

Connector Type: N plug to N B/H jack
Impedance: 50Ω
Frequency Range: DC ~ 6 GHz
VSWR: 1.17 at 2.19 GHz, 1.24 at 5.61 GHz
Insertion Loss:0.62 dB max., 0.297 dB at 2.48 GHz, 0.614 dB at 5.89 GHz
DC Breakdown Voltage: 90V ± 20%
Insulation Resistance: > 10,000MΩ
Impulse Breakdow Voltage: 10KV min (1.2/50μS waveform)
Maximum Withstand Current: 5KA min (8/20μS waveform)