Uniview – is a well-known Chinese company specializing in the development of video surveillance systems, which accounts for more than 600 patents.

The Uniview product line is presented as professional models with a unique set of functions, and economical with the most popular features at an attractive price.

Uniview is among the top three in terms of market share in China, and in the TOP 10 of the world’s leading video surveillance systems manufacturers.

The company’s large integration projects in video surveillance: the safe city of Hangzhou (60000+ cameras), Hong Kong (NGN infrastructure), Expo Center Shanghai, more than 30 major airports such as Shanghai (PVG), Chongqing (CKG), Perth (Australia), Kiev (Zhulyany).


Uniview Product Guide 2017
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Distinctive features of Uniview equipment


Uniview 2MP and 4MP cameras support the new H.265 codec.


U-code is an enhanced encoding technology based on H.264 / H.265 codecs, U-code can reduce up to 80-90% storage space.

Progressive technologies

Uniview 4K series include IR dome, IR bullet, PTZ dome and box camera.

44 times zoom can recognize license plate or face in 300m.

WDR function can ensure clear image with rich details when confronting with sharp lightning contrast, preventing dark or even exposed image and ensure great image quality. Uniview’ s products support to 120dB WDR.

Optical Defog – Uniview puts forward optical defog technology, which applies IR for imaging. All lost details in fog weather can be recognized perfectly.

Starlight – Uniview 1080P Starlight camera provides crisp color image even under 0.002 Lux (F1.2) low light condition.

Smart technologies

Uniview has 4 smart functions in H.265 IP camera series, including face detection, intrusion, crossing line, and people counting.

Special technologies

With the 9:16 mode instead of 16: 9, the efficiency of video surveillance in narrow spaces is doubled, and the appearance of “dead zones” under the camera is prevented.

Using an IR laser instead of conventional light-emitting diodes has allowed to increase the range of infrared illumination up to 250m. And an intelligent algorithm for adjusting the brightness prevents illumination, which allows you to see even the smallest details of the object of observation.


PIR detects moving objects, trigger white light to see clearly and making criminals exposed.


To balance water-proof performance and edge storage requirement, Uniview uses eMMC on-board for IP cameras.


Automatic network adaptation (NAA) guarantees high-quality video, even with unstable network operation. Uniview IP cameras provide a smoothed image even with a loss of up to 5% of packets or a delay of 400 ms.

Wide Voltage Range

Uniview’s cameras are able to tolerate ±25% voltage fluctuation. Much better than regular camera ±10% tolerance. As the picture stated AC 24V camera can well function under AC 31.9V, 32.5% higher. Wide voltage range ability can ensure the camera stability under fluctuating voltage condition.

Power Backup

PoE function can backup for AC or DC, improving device functioning stability.

300m PoE – Long Range

Normally PoE distance is 100m, but with Uniview NVR and IP cameras, it can reach up to 300m PoE transmission distance with Cat5E or Cat6.

12VDC output on PoE cameras

Small devices (active microphone, security detector, etc.) can be powered from a Uniview camera that has a built-in PoE converter -> 12VDC.

Wide Temperature Range

Uniview’s cameras can function well under -40°С ~ 70°С, adapting to all harsh environment condition.

1+1 Share Mode

Camera with optical interface can connect to another camera via Ethernet port. Two cameras share the data transmission with only one optical fiber, saving wiring cost.

Surge Protection

Device alone can reach 6 KV surge protection ability without any external protection. According to research, inductive stroke that 10m from cable only cause less than 4 KV voltage. 6 KV can satisfy daily protection need and some harsh conditions.

Cloud Update

Just click “upgrade” in the NVR menu, it will automatically detect the latest firmware and upgrade.

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