TRC Union

  • 2013

  • Ukraine, Doneck

  • Antenna port

Project description

Project on the construction of antenna port for TRC Yunion (Doneck, Ukraine).

Antenna port consists of 3 antenna Mabo (Poland) with diameter of 1,8 m, 1 antenna Supral (Russia) with diameter of 2,4 m and a 1 antenna TRIAX (Denmark) with diameter of 1,10 m, two of them are turning with an arctic pendant. Within the framework of the project terrestrial antennas TV reception were also mounted.

Antenna port is built on the roof of building of Shakhtar Plaza Hotel in Donetsk (Ukraine). Because one of terms of construction of antenna port was providing of safety of building roof without damages and without additional interference with its constructive, the project department of company RCI Consulting was developed by the special method of fastening of antenna, at which metallic constructions are used with weighting agent. This method allows you to securely fix the position of the antennas penetrative way, which means without damaging the roof covering the building.