TRC Ukraina

  • 2013

  • Ukraine, Kiev

  • Antenna port

Project description


Project on building of antenna port for TRC Ukraine. Planning, delivery and editing of antenna port consisting of 2 satellite arctic antennas Prodelin (3,7 m and 5 satellite azimuthal antennas of ASC Signal(Andrew) 2,4 m).


Project on installation of receiving satellite antenna APEXSAT (Germany) 3,7 m with the tri system of keeping for TRC Ukraine. This antenna allows company operatively decide the questions of reception of TV translation practically all visible sputnik on territory of Ukraine.


Project on building of antenna port for TRC Ukraine. RCI Consulting executed all works on development of project, supplying with equipment, its editing and installation of the systems. During realization of project 8 antenna were set with a diameter of 1,8 m (6 antennas of Skyware Global (THE USA) and 1 turning antenna with an arctic pendant). Antenna port was set on the roof of office building on the specially developed entablature, and also additionally equipped the system of lightning guard and system of monitoring of the state of aerials (in relation to a signal).

Need for a new antenna port has arisen formation TV signal for IPTV-providers.