New Gudauri IV

  • 2017

  • Georgia, New Gudauri IV

  • IPTV, Local Area Network, Wi-Fi, System of video surveillance, Telephony, Fire alarm system, System of uninterrupted power

Description of project

The complex integration project in New Gudauri IV Apart-hotel is complete.

Located in one of the most beautiful places in Georgia, New Gudauri IV is allocated with fascinating views from windows, faultless design and unsurpassed level of comfort.

Within the project has been designed, installed and brought into operation the following systems:

  • IPTV
  • Local Area Network
  • Wi-Fi
  • System of video surveillance
  • Telephony
  • Fire alarm system
  • System of uninterrupted power


The system of television is constructed on technologists of IPTV – a digital television , where the content is delivered through a local area network of data transfer (according to the IP protocol).

The IPTV system architecture consists of following subsystems:

  • A subsystem of acceptance of content – 5 satellite antennas with a diameter of 1.2 m of TRIAX (Denmark), QUATTRO LNB of GTSAT converters (Luxembourg), a multi switch of 17/16 Next (Turkey).
  • A subsystem of handling of content – the Tangram platform from the WISI company (Germany). This equipment provides handling of content and broadcasting in a data transmission network by the IP Multicast protocol.
  • The subsystem of management of the Middeleware services is constructed based on the NR DL120 Gen9 server, and as Middeleware is used ON “Stalker” from the Infomir company (Ukraine).
  • The client equipment (acceptance of content in apartments ) –MAG 254 TV BOX from the Infomir company (Ukraine).

At the moment the IPTV system provides broadcasting of 122 TV channels.

Local Area Network

The Local Area Network is organized on the basis of DrayTek Vigor 2960 Dual router and two controlled gigabit switches of a 2nd level of ECS4210-28T kernel.

As access switches – 6 controlled switches of the 2nd level of ECS3510-28T.


For residents and guests of the hotel the Internet access is provided by the system of wireless data transfer on the basis of the Edge-Core (Taiwan) company equipment and consists of the EWS4502 controller and 24 access points of ECW7220-L:

  • The intelligent controller of the 2nd level of wireless access EWS4502 is intended for control of all access points (ECW7220-L) in scales of hotel, and provides seamless roaming of Internet access for clients.
  • Access points of ECW7220-L support standards 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, at the same time work at two frequency ranges 2.4 and 5 of GHz (Dual-Band) with a configuration of antennas 3×3 MIMO. A power supply is provided through PoE by means of gigabit PoE of the switch ECS4210-28P with the budget of a power of 400W.

System of video surveillance

The System of video surveillance is constructed on the basis of Dahua IP equipments:

  • 64 channel NVR608-64-4K video recorder
  • 37 internal IP HDW1320SP (3 Megapixel) cameras
  • 9 external HFW2320R-Z (3 Megapixel) IP cameras


The telephone Network of the Hotel is constructed on the basis of IP ATE of Panasonic company (Japan) – the KX-NS500UC Mainframe and three Expansion units of KX-NS520UC with additional expansion units.

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System – French company SD3, which includes:

  • The ALPHA 12 control panel with two blocks of the EX4A4 expansion
  • 156 smoke sensors of OC05
  • 30 thermal sensors of TRC05
  • 22 calling DMCL05 panels with the AVSA05 siren

System of Uninterrupted Power

The system of uninterrupted power supply of the active equipment of all systems is constructed on the base of the UPS of the Delta company (Taiwan) – Delta On-line 5 KVA UPS with two additional Delta 5/6KVA EBM 12V/5Ah x 16pcs batteries.