• 2012-2014

  • Ukraine

  • System of wiring for sound and notification

Project description

Supplying and installation of sound systems in new shopping center Furshet in Fastov, Vinnitsa and Dnepropetrovsk.
Systems are designed for background music and advertisements. Projects carried out on the equipment of TOA (Japan), BOSCH (Germany), Apart (Belgium).


  • Kiev (Ukraine) Yaroslavskaya st., Vyshgorodska st., Povitroflotskyi Av., 66. The system is designed for background music and advertisements.

Trading room is divided into four zones, as well as the outer area. In this project also provided equipment and materials for outlets of the supermarket Furshet in Gorlovka (Ukraine) and Drohobych (Ukraine).


Installation of background sound and sound system of advertising in stores Furshet in:

  • Eupatoriya (Ukraine),
  • Kiev (Ukraine) Sporyvnaya square