Company ROMSAT Georgia is pleased to announce that among the solutions presented to the partners products of the new brand are provided on the market of high-tech network devices – Korean company TOTOLINK.

TOTOLINK – subsidiary brand of the largest Chinese company ZIONCOM, which is currently actively entering world markets of network devices and occupies more than 80% SOHO-market of South Korea.

ZIONCOM company was founded in 1998 and has been manufacturing products in the field of telecommunications, it as well is an OEM / ODM manufacturer for some brands. It is worth noting that the company Zioncom, having fifteen-year experience in the development and production of telecommunications products, has two own brand – ipTIME (for the Asia-Pacific market, in particular the market of South Korea) and TOTOLINK (for the European, American markets and markets in the Middle East, India, Vietnam, China / Taiwan).

The company’s philosophy is the slogan: “Devote your talent and technology to creating reliable products and excellent service maintenance.” ZIONCOM is owner of certificate ISO 14001-2004 and ISO 9001-2008, as well as the German system of safety and environmental protection German TUV. ZIONCOM products are certified in accordance with the requirements of FCC / CE / EAC and other international certification organizations.

The company’s plants are located in the industrial zone of Shenzhen with an area of more than 20, 000 m2 with the number of employees more than 1,000 people, as well as its own research and development department of R & D. All these allows to produce Wi-Fi equipment that meets the most advanced quality standards for the needs of the market and pay special attention to technical support and quality of the product.

Today TOTOLINK represents a wide range of network equipment, including both low-end models targeted at the mass user, and top models supporting the latest standards and communication protocols demanded by enthusiasts.

Wireless Router TOTOLINK A20044NS

TOTOLINK A2004NS – it is the fifth generation of gigabit dual-channel wireless router that provides wireless transfer rate up to 1167 Mbit / s, which is more than three times greater than the offered standard 802.11n.

A2004NS guarantees to provide high signal stability for both wired and wireless connections by five gigabit ports Ethernet and four antennas with high gain. Also available port USB 2.0.

A2004NS able to operate simultaneously with two channels (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz), and provide maximum data transfer rate of 300 Mbit / s at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and up to 867 Mbit / s at a frequency of 5 GHz. Moreover, the router effectively reduces the level of radio interference, working at a frequency of 5 GHz, which allows you to enjoy high bandwidth.

The higher the signal gain of the antenna, the larger the area of signal coverage. With four external antennas with the ability to change the direction and advanced technology MIMO, A2004NS provides optimal coverage and increased stability of the wireless connection.

Function support multiple SSID is created for users who want to set up additional wireless network for guests with separate access control. Different SSID and passwords help to protect your network. The device supports the creation of up to three SSID, which is very comfortable and practical.

QoS function can be used to control the distribution of bandwidth for each device for the best experience.

Support for the most advanced encryption methods WPA / WPA2 (TKIP / AES) for wireless security. Only those users who know the SSID and key can connect to the network. Moreover, IP / MAC / URL filter is available for maximum protection network.


Europe’s largest IT-community Habrahabr:

TOTOLINK A2004NS on the test results was the best router standard AC.

“Beeline” in the testing of new commercial services offering access to the Internet at speeds up to 400 Mbit/s over usual twisted pair has tested the routers from different manufacturers. Leader in a series of tests was TOTOLINK A2004NS model with wireless data transfer standard 802.11ac.

Thus, when testing download and upload data via the cable connection between the LAN and the WAN performance of the best speed has been achieved among competitive solutions at a loading SpeedTest – 462,6 Mbit/s and 379 Mbit/s in the test Iperf. Download from storage Yandex made at a speed of about 50 MB/s.

When operating wirelessly record was set as: 5 GHz SpeedTest download speed was 233 Mbi /s, and the test result was obtained by Iperf 192 Mbit/s. Also in the 2.4 GHz band router TOTOLINK A2004NS with the result of 152 Mbit/s has become the best in the test Iperf, which shows the outstanding features of the device.

Test laboratory

All the tests the router passed “excellent”. TOTOLINK A2004NS operates successfully in both bands simultaneously. The reviewers criticized the control panel interface for the complexity and unfriendly to the average user, but recognized its functionality and flexibility. In the box of the pros, you can add a small cost for the router of this level.

Wireless router TOTOLINK N300RT

N300RT – Single Channel Wireless N-Router complying to the standard 802.11n, provides wireless data transfer rate at up to 300 Mbit/s to ensure smooth surfing the Internet, online games and access to the files.

Using two antennas with high gain ensures improved wireless connection compared to models equipped with a single antenna. The router provides connectivity to the Internet using a static / dynamic IP, PPPoE, PPtP, L2TP, 802.1x. Router also supports this feature as VLAN for IPTV. It is a product with excellent value and features for home and office.

VLAN support for the excellent work of IPTV – one user can watch IPTV, while others continue to surf the Internet.


Reviews and tests —

Experts of authoritative portal recognize that innovation fully surprised, showing a high level of functionality, speed and stability, which can be found only in the finest examples of equipment from other manufacturers, while maintaining an unprecedented low price.

A compact design, high quality cooling system, conceived software, support IPTV and other services, and, of course, providing full access to the Internet at speeds of 100 Mbit/s, gives the router for home users, also did not go unnoticed by experts Moreover, they acknowledged that over the month active testing TOTOLINK N300RT literally no shortage has been revealed, which is the highest rating quality of the product.


TOTOLINK N300RT gets a well-deserved award “Gold”. Editor’s Choice

TOTOLINK N300RT – is a younger brother router of TOTOLINK A2004NS – small router mostly for home use. However, in spite of its extremely compact size, it supports a data rate “on the air” 300 Mbit/s and has full networking capabilities.

N300RT is a well-balanced budget router with a good set of options. Failures during testing were not found. An advantage is: a compact body, an elaborate system of heat removal, a large number of customization options and support of modern technologies. According to the results of the test he demonstrated good coverage and speed.

Wi-Fi signal booster TOTOLINK EX300

TOTOLINK EX300 — a wireless signal booster to Wi-Fi range of 2.4 GHz and is designed so as to provide substantial expansion of wireless coverage. Users can easily increase the network coverage by installing this booster between the router and the wireless device.

With two antennas EX300 receives and transmits data at a high speed and can provide access to the Internet in the most difficult areas.

Access point TOTOLINK N10


New access point TOTOLINK N10 can significantly extend the range of your wireless network.

This model supports the 802.11n protocol at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and a maximum theoretical data transfer rate of up to 300 Mbit/s.

Its unusual appearance allows you to install it in the office or in a large room almost unnoticed.
Power supply available for PoE simplifies installation possibilities.

Other products of the company TOTOLINK you can find in our office and in the company’s web catalog.