• WISI Chameleon Universal module GNHWUW2

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    SKU: 220326

    Chameleon allinone universal module for DVB-T/T2/C/C2/S/S2/IP TV signal Forats

  • WISI Input splitte DC 28

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    SKU: 220316

    Input splitter for OH system
    DC bypass for LNB powering (SAT)
    DC 28 4S0T: 28 outputs SAT
    DC 28 0S4T: 28 outputs TERR
    DC 28 3S1T: 21 outputs SAT / 7 outputs TERR

  • WISI OA13A Orbit Line parabol offset antenna

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    SKU: GE0001129

    Aluminium offset antennas , light-grey. Hot zinc dipped fastening in reflector colour, powder-coated.

  • WISI OC 01 D Universal feed system, Single

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    SKU: GE0001669

    The OC 01 D is a universal feeding system for 1 participant. The input frequency range from 10. 70 GHz to 11. 70 GHz covers the low band and 11. 70 GHz to 12. 75 GHz the high band. With this feed system, the reception areas of the common satellites in the KU band, such as Astra 19. 2 East or HOTBird at 13° East, can be received. Low self-noise and optimum linearity at a high output level ensure a stable signal supply to the receivers. The housing protects the sensitive electronics from the effects of the weather; the pull-out cap provides additional protection for the cable connections.

  • WISI OC 04 D Universal feed system, Quattro

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    SKU: GE0001130

    The OC 04 D is a universal supply system which provides the signals of the individual reception area with more than 4 connections. The range is defined for multiswitch, unicable and treatment systems. This supply system is able to receive all common satellites in KU band, for example Astra 19.2 East or on 13° East. Low inherent noise, as well as optimal linearity at a high output level, guarantees a stable signal supply for the receiver. The housing saves the sensitive electronics from bad weather conditions, and with the additional cover, all cable connections are also protected.

  • WISI OH 38 AV Twin A/V-Modulator

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    SKU: 220438

    AV Modulator Output frequency range 45…862 MHz
    Video / audio interfaces in BNC/RCA
    Video / audio interfaces in BNC/RCA
    Modulation of 2 A/V signals into 2 analogue TV channels

  • WISI OH 40 A Basic unit, 230 V AC, 19″, 3 HE, for 7 modules

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    SKU: 220444

    Integrated remote supervision moduel OH 51 A (license optional)
    Programable with OH 41 hand-set
    Update via USB-connection (USB memory stick)
    Integrated FM amplifier
    Wall mounting
    Slots for up to 7 modules

  • WISI OH 41 Programming Module

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    SKU: 220441

    Handset for programming of COMPACT HEADEND module with data storage

  • WISI OH 45 Channel converter

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    SKU: 220446

    Deactivation of the AGC for manual amplifier setting
    AGC 50…90 dB
    Therefore neighbour channel compatible at in/output
    High ZF-selection via 2 OFW-filter.
    Implementation of an analogue TV channel in the frequency range of 45…862 MHz

  • WISI OH 50 A Basic unit, 230 V AC, 19″, 3 HE, for 14 modules

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    SKU: 220403

    Integrated FM amplifier
    High output power, 19 rack-mounting or wall mounting
    Preprogramming via USB-connection (USB-Stick)
    Simple programming with handset OH 41 (OK 41 A)
    Slots for up to 14 modules (14 analog or 28 digital channels)
    Base unit OH 50 for analog and digital channel processing headends
    Integrated remote supervision moduel OH 51 A (license optional)